GogoAnime - Top 5 Alternatives For Anime Streaming Sites

Top 5 Best GogoAnime Alternatives For Anime Streaming Sites

  1. Kissanime Animation Website

This animation website has a big database offering various kinds of animations. Unlike Gogoanime, that doesn’t support mobile phones; kissAnime allows mobile use. You can access the favorite anime of your smartphones and watch it. You can choose and play your preferred option with a touch—desktop version, although it offers a better quality animation series.

KissAnime also has a forum section where you can express your ideas. You find various members talk about their favorite shows. You can even write your issues and suggestions regarding the website on this forum and get the opinion of other users. For more severe troubleshooting maters, sometimes the website customer care is answerable to such questions. If you like the idea of having your animation community, KissAnime can provide that from you instead of using Gogoanime.


  1. Animeland Animation Website

If you are a fan of Japanese animation, anime land has its focus on Japanese based content. However, you don’t need to worry about language problems, which so many do not like about Gogoanime. There is almost a whole database of Japanese animation on this website that offers a dubbed video and first option (for Japanese language enthusiasts). Some mentionable anime channels are Naruto, one-piece, sword, and art online.

Another cool GogoAnime feature is that this website has an advanced search option on the side; if you only search one world, it shows many available options. This is for many tagged keywords on each video. The website organizers have out this extra effort to create ease of use. If you don’t even remember the name of your animation, you will be able to find it by tapping relevant keywords in the search tab.

There is a widget on the website page to a chat room. If you like to share your ideas or you think you have to suggest some animations to others, you can use the chatbox. You can also get to know other people’s opinions about the website shows or even have a friendly chat with the link-minded people.


  1. AnimeShow.tv

Thi website has been built for the all-genre animation lovers. You can look for almost any animation that there is a high chance you can get hold of it here. They are not biased to the genre either; action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, mystery romance, school, and many more. This feature is what makes Animeshow unique compared with other anime sites like GogoAnime; They have aimed for the heart of all anime fans.


Another significant feature of this website is the individual and reliable description they add to their videos, which is very useful, and sites Gogoanime is yet to improve on this. This information showcases a general outline of the genre, story, and sometimes even the country of production.

Away from additional information that you can find, there is a commentary part of the video. Reading those comments can help you decide on which shows to watch. User reviews are always more reliable than anything else. It is the first-hand non-bias experience of a real person. You can add your comments if you think it would be helpful.


  1. AnimeStreams

This website is super easy to use. It provides an extensive database of animation. When it comes to feature their website, this is where they have found their point of strength; their massive number of animation and content from the old series and new additions of animation from all around the world. You can find new releases featured on the first page.

While they offer animations products globally, they have advanced their option about translations. There are both dubbed and subtitled content, usually even over one link.

Each animation has multiple links to increase their user experience. If the link sources no longer exist or take forever to load, you can try another. This is especially useful if you are following seasonal animation releases. Having to change your streaming website and finding a replacement may be a pain. By having access to multiple servers, you do not have to worry if a mid-season episode link is nonfunctional.

  1. Nyaa Torrents

This option is for the ones who love to watch their animation in the comfort of their timing. This is the ultimate help in finding torrent links to your anime shows. Nayyar Torrents is one of the best anime streaming sites and has been named as the best free anime link tracker. You are just required to tab the search buttons and enter your keywords; you receive various links to each show and full light cartoons.

This website is best used for Japanese shows, games, even find software, and music. The links suggested on the website have great peer and seeds, and there is no mid failure, usually while downloading. Before using this website, make sure to get a torrent downloaded software.


All the mentioned anime streaming sites are great substitutes for Gogoanime and also the best anime streaming app. However, if you are a big fan of Gogoanime, you can always visit the website. You will able to access the website’s content and enjoy watching your favorite programs.

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